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Touch Network acquires Sparco International

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YES CF arranged a team to advise and support us during the entire acquisition process. From the start till closing, we have been able to work very well and professionally with the YES CF team. They knew very well what was important for both the shareholders of Sparco and the business itself. This was valuable and of great importance in the realization of this deal.“

Paul von StockhausenSparco International

YES Corporate Finance (“YES CF”) successfully advised the seller, the shareholders of Sparco International B.V. (“Sparco”), on the sale of its shares to Touch Network B.V. (“Touch”). Denis Stranders, Paul von Stockhausen and the entire management team of Sparco continue their career within the Touch organization.

About Sparco

Sparco has been serving leading clients in Europe for almost 20 years and provides effective loyalty programs to customers in various sectors such as Automotive, Construction, Energy, Food, Healthcare, ICT, Aviation and Telecom. Sparco provides their customers with a fully automated catalog integration with a wide attractive product range up to and including the development of a total integrated loyalty approach based on data, insights and yield maximization.

Denis Stranders / Paul von Stockhausen (Management Sparco, Sellers):

“Prior the acquisition process, we had several conversations with Touch which revealed strong strategic partnership opportunities, business benefits and improved service offerings to our clients. Moreover, Touch’s ambitions and drive fit in perfectly with our growth scenario. The combination of Touch and Sparco will create a very strong position in the loyalty market and our partners will immediately benefit from the expansion of our loyalty services and the strong clout in IT.”

About Touch Network

Touch Network is a specialist in loyalty, incentive and promotional services created in late 2021 by the merger of the companies Touch TVCC (Tickets, Vouchers, Codes, Cards), Touch Incentive Marketing and Jibe Commerce. Touch TVCC focuses on promotions and programs for customer and employee satisfaction and Touch Incentive Marketing is a specialist in loyalty marketing for companies such as larger supermarkets, department stores, gas stations, amusement parks, car brands and energy suppliers.

Role YES Corporate Finance

YES Corporate Finance advised the management team of Sparco during the acquisition process. The activities carried out by YES CF include e.g.,

  • Drafting information documents
  • Coordination of the due diligence process
  • Deal structuring
  • Negotiate sales price and conditions (including term sheet and purchase/sale agreement)

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