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Baks Logistiek acquires De Transportbrug

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The cooperation with YES Corporate Finance has been extremely pleasant. The organization has a lot of expertise and experience, with which they have played a crucial role in this process.

Frank JansenManaging Director Baks Groep

Baks Logistiek acquires De Transportbrug and De Cleanburg
YES Corporate Finance (“YES CF”) has successfully advised the major shareholder and the management of Baks Logistiek B.V. (“Baks”) on the acquisition of De Transportbrug and De Cleanbrug, as well as raising the acquisition financing. 

About Baks Groep
Baks Groep consists of seven companies that focus on the production, sale and transport of food for humans and animals. Baks Logistiek, the acquiring entity, is a modern and dynamic (inter)national transport company, specialising in tank transport of liquid food for humans and animals, and renewable energy. The organization focuses on quality and reliability, carried out mainly by local drivers and equipped with specific state-of-the-art assets. The geographical focus is Benelux, Germany, Denmark and France. Baks Logistiek has its head office in Borculo, where it has its own workshop for the maintenance of its trucks and trailers. In addition to Borculo, Baks Logistiek has locations in Someren, Bunnik, Heerenveen, Ankum (Germany) and Koekelare (Belgium). For more information: Website Baks. 

About De Transportbrug and De Cleanbrug
De Transportbrug is a Dutch family business founded by brothers Erik and Marein van de Brug. They grew up in the transport sector from an early age. The passion for transport has always been there, so the brothers founded De Transportbrug B.V. in 2004. The company’s business activities consist of tank transport of liquids for Oleo (oils and fats (non-food)), Feed and technical industry (no ADR/no Food) for customers within Europe. The business activities of De Cleanbrug consist of washing and maintaining vehicles and containers, partly for De Transportbrug B.V., but mainly for third parties. For more information see the Facebook page: Facebook page De Transportbrug. 

Role YES Corporate Finance
YES CF guided and supported the major shareholder and the management of Baks Logistiek in the conversations with De Transportbrug and in the further elaboration of agreements and conditions, resulting in the acquisition of De Transportbrug. YES CF also assisted in preparing, raising and negotiating the acquisition financing that was arranged with the bank. The activities carried out by YES CF include: 

Acquisition process: 

  • Valuing De Transportbrug and De Cleanbrug as well as advising on the takeover bid 
  • Drafting a letter for the non-binding (indicative) offer
  • Supervising the due diligence process 
  • Negotiating the transaction structure with the seller 
  • Negotiate price and terms (including the Letter of Intent and the share purchase agreement (SPA)) 

Financing process: 

  • Drawing up a financial forecast model (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow), including a consolidated integration model (Merger model) of Baks Groep, De Transportbrug and De Cleanbrug 
  • Drawing up a financing memorandum for the benefit of the bank 
  • Conducting discussions and negotiations with various banks 

Get in touch with the deal team 

Managing Partner

Arjan Boonekamp

Arjan Boonekamp (1970) is managing partner at YES Corporate Finance and has over 20 years of corporate finance experience, including extensive experience in selling SME companies, mergers & acquisitions and (growth) financing. Arjan is an experienced dealmaker in the Mid Market range.

Eric Koelmans

Eric Koelmans (1994) joined YES Corporate Finance in 2019 as analyst. Eric holds a Bachelor in Business Economics with a specialization in Financing and Organization and a Master of Corporate Finance from the University of Amsterdam. Eric has gained experience at YES Corporate Finance as an intern after obtaining his Bachelor degree in 2018.</p>

Hidde Schipper

Hidde Schipper (1996) started as a junior analyst at YES Corporate Finance in September 2020. As of February 2021, Hidde is working full-time as an analyst. He has a Bachelors degree in Economics & Business and a Masters in Quantitative Finance at the University of Amsterdam. Prior to his studies, Hidde followed an English language course in Cambridge for six months. During his studies, he gained international experience during an exchange program with McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.</p>
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