Growth Capital

Each of YES Corporate Finance’s partners has a background as a banker, M&A advisor, consultant or private equity investor. We speak the same language as the banker and the investor. We know the tricks of the trade, enabling us to devise a solution for you as an entrepreneur. This may be relevant for growth capital, but we also make the difference during a re-financing process. We have proven experience with private equity investors, and know more than 1000 professionals in the Netherlands and abroad. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, and because we work independently from banks and investors, we can negotiate the most favourable conditions for you. 

Why do customers trust us?

  • Solid approach and hands-on mentality
  • Independent advice
  • Accessible: one of our partners will be your dedicated contact from start to finish
  • Ownership: we are the co-owner of your case
  • Every partner shares over 25 years knowledge and experience in Finance and M&A – a very important contributor to your success
  • Extensive network – allowing us to establish unique connections for you, both domestic and abroad
  • Partnership with ABN AMRO Bank to offer SMEs advice on their acquisitions/business succession

Financing: we will get you the best deal

Are you expanding your business? Considering a major investment or acquisition? Then you may need new funding. As banks have become more cautious, it is often quite a challenge to induce a positive answer. You can significantly increase your chances of financing at attractive terms & conditions through comprehensive preparation of your financing proposal or business plan. Also, by discussing these plans with the appropriate parties before approaching the bank or an investor. Other forms of financing (equity or subordinated loans) can be considered. YES boasts a very large network of good bankers. But we also have a large network of alternative financing such as informal investors and private equity investors. Our knowledge, experience, network and independency will get you the best deal that is out there for you.

Below are some selected successful transactions.

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