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Internet Trading Platform and School Fruit Supplier Successfully Raises Growth Capital

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“We strongly recommend this duo; the banking knowledge of Arjan and the investor knowledge of Joris are a unique combination.” ( has completed a growth capital round from MKB Impuls Fund. Furthermore a factoring facility with CS Factoring was closed. The new funding will contribute to the working capital needs of the company. recently successfully registered for the national school fruit program again. This program, led by the EU, offers (for free) three pieces of fruit per student per week in primary schools; encouraging a healthier lifestyle from an early age on.

This new financing makes it possible to offer fruit to more than 600 primary schools in the Netherlands.

Highlights of the transaction

  •, an online trading platform and supplier of school fruit has secured new growth capital round from MKB Impuls Fund and CS Factoring
  • Arjan Boonekamp and Joris van Rijn have successfully advised in this funding round
  • The transaction was completed in 8 weeks

Jasper van Roon and Peter de Boer, shareholders, about our services: “Joris van Rijn and Arjan Boonekamp have efficiently reviewed our financing case and positioned it in their extensive network. This resulted in a number of solutions for our funding issue. Thanks to their analysis, we were able to quickly make choices in order to arrange the financing, both affordable and fast. The duo, professionally assisted by Thijs van der Woerdt, is very pleasant to work with. We very much liked their no-nonsense approach. The banking knowledge of Arjan combined with the investors knowledge of Joris is unique and worth a strong recommendation.”

Role of Arjan Boonekamp and Joris van Rijn
Arjan Boonekamp and Joris van Rijn have successfully advised in arranging new growth capital. Joris van Rijn, Arjan Boonekamp and Thijs van der Woerdt have advised throughout all aspects of the transaction, including preparation of the Financing Memorandum, calculation of the cash planning, finding the most suitable financier, structuring the financing, preparing and guiding discussions including the negotiation of the contracts.

About B.V., based in Apeldoorn and founded in 2004, is an online trading platform focusing on local Potatoes-Vegetables-Fruit wholesalers in the Netherlands. The company has filled the gap between the local greengrocer and the one-stop supplier. For 10 years, Freshweb has been the fruit and vegetable supplier for the Dutch hospitality industry. Eight franchise partners provide local services throughout the Netherlands.

The School Fruit Activities consist of two parts: Commercial School Fruit and the EU School Fruit programme ( The School Fruit Scheme is a EU program that will run until school year 2019/2020 offering three (free) pieces of fruit per student per week in primary schools. In the Netherlands, primary schools participate in this program since 2002. Freshweb has participated in the EU School Fruit Scheme for over 10 years. In the next school year 120,000 students in 600 schools will receive free school fruit. successfully completed this transaction on 24 November, 2015.

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