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Jacques Boonekamp Sells Equity Stake in Drankengroothandel Boonekamp

By 22 January 2017December 13th, 2021No Comments

YES Corporate Finance has successfully advised Jacques Boonekamp in the sale of his equity stake in Drankengroothandel Boonekamp.

Drankengroothandel Boonekamp is a beverage wholesaler and partner for hospitality, sports clubs, canteens and events. Boonekamp distributes within 60 kilometres from Leiden, the Netherlands. Boasting a high-quality assortment and dedicated logistics, the company delivers beverages, confectionary and non-food products. Boonekamp is a well-known player in the field of events, event materials, coffee and wine.

Drankengroothandel Boonekamp emerged from the former firm Dranken- en Wijnhandel Boonekamp which managed 5 liquor stores and delicatessens in the seventies. In eighties, the company sought better purchase conditions and a small wholesaler was acquired, a licensed Grolsch beer distributor. Jacques’ brother Aad was involved and together they founded Drankengroothandel Boonekamp on 18 August 1980. Since November 2010 Sabine Boonekamp (S. Boonekamp) is a member of the Board of Directors and shareholder.

Transaction highlights:

  • J. Boonekamp sells his shares to co-shareholder S. Boonekamp
  • YES Corporate Finance has advised J. Boonekamp in the sales process

Jacques Boonekamp (former shareholder):
“The sale of family-owned shares can be an emotional process. Joris van Rijn was mandated and within a short period of 3 months, the transaction was successfully closed. I am happy with the result and I would certainly recommend YES Corporate Finance”.

Role YES Corporate Finance:
YES Corporate Finance has seconded J. Boonekamp during the sales process of Drankengroothandel Boonekamp B.V. and advised during this transaction with the deal structure and documentation.

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