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Management buy-out of Laméris Ootech

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YES Corporate Finance advised Gerald Klein Woolthuis on the Management Buy-Out (MBO) of Laméris Ootech B.V. (hereafter “Laméris”). 

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Laméris is a trading company specialized in ophthalmic practice equipment, apparatus and disposables for Operating Rooms, diagnostic instruments, and innovations. Laméris specializes in the supply of devices and systems for the following 3 categories: Diagnostics, Surgical and ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat). For more information, please visit:   

Laméris was a subsidiary of “Bestebreurtje Holding”, a parent company with various stakes in companies that are active in the field of optics and ophthalmology. With an MBO, the ambition to continue Laméris as an independent entity has been accomplished.  

Director Gerald Klein Woolthuis has been leading Laméris for 15 years to date and by completing the MBO, he increased his minority stake to a majority stake in the Company. At the same time, the management team obtained a minority stake in the Company.  

Gerald Klein Woolthuis on the collaboration with YES CF: 

“The MBO we accomplished was an intensive, yet exciting process for me. Having YES Corporate Finance by my side gave me a lot of comfort. They advised and supported me in a professional and pleasant manner. Together, we were able to complete this MBO in a fantastic way.”

Role YES CF: 

YES Corporate Finance advised Gerald Klein Woolthuis during the MBO of Laméris. The activities were carried out in two phases: 

Phase 1: Drafting, discussing, and signing LOI: 

  • Orientational financial MBO analysis 
  • Exploratory talks with banks 
  • Drafting, (pre)discussing and negotiating with seller and its advisors 

Phase 2: Activities focused on attracting acquisition financing: 

  • Executing a Financial Forecast (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow) 
  • Preparing the Financing Memorandum 
  • Conducting discussions with banks 
  • Evaluation of the offers and selecting a bank 
  • Providing support during the conversations held with MT members / potential investors as well as structuring the transaction with management 
  • Assist in drafting, reviewing and finalizing transaction documents (including a share purchase agreement, shareholders agreement, management agreement, amendment of articles of association, financing agreement, lease agreement and any other support agreements) 
  • Closing and completion of the Transaction at the notary 

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