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Roamler acquires retail data company Datlinq

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YES Corporate finance has successfully assisted the shareholders of Datlinq in the sale of the shares to Roamler. The current management is selling its shares, with Marco van den Ouden remaining as Managing Director of Datlinq.


About Datlinq

Datlinq offers an online data and insights platform to suppliers of food and drink in the food service market. Data Outlet, the data platform, contains over 3 million European hospitality industry outlet profiles. Using online and offline data, Datlinqs’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) compiles enriched profiles that are ideally suited for data-driven sales and database maintenance. The insights platform is marketed under the name Market Monitor. This suite consists of several products: Outlet Monitor, Distribution Monitor and Shopper Monitor. These products provide customers with valuable insights into market development, brand performance and consumer behaviour.

Peter Liesting (Founder Datlinq, seller):

“Selling your company is an emotional and intensive process. A corporate finance advisor can be very useful throughout the different stages of the sales process. The guidance and professional support of YES Corporate Finance is a recommendation for all entrepreneurs.”

Role YES Corporate Finance

YES Corporate Finance has assisted and advised the shareholders of Datlinq in the sale of the shares to Roamler. YES CF has successfully executed the following actions:

  • Conducting preparations on the sales process
  • Drafting the information memorandum
  • Coordinating the due diligence
  • Working out the deal structure and valuation
  • Negotiating on the sales price & deal structure including the sales and purchase agreement

About Roamler:

Roamler provides businesses with B2B crowdsourced solutions, answering the call of companies for efficiency with widespread, on-demand professionals and individuals. These “Roamlers” are recruited, trained, and organized according to their skills, experience, and location, and then matched to “tasks”. With the brand Roamler Retail, Roamler is the European leader in crowd-supported field-marketing activities, performing tasks for the biggest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) manufacturers, consumer brands, product consumer goods, and retail chains. More info: Roamler

Unique combination:

Roamler and Datlinq (more info, see link: Datlinq) will join forces in the areas of data collection, insight creation and crowd-based in-store activation. In doing so, they can support manufacturers in placing their brands and products in the right locations, reaching the right target audiences and monitoring how these products are marketed to consumers in each of these outlets.

European expansion:

By merging their respective technologies and expertise, Roamler and Datlinq, who already serve premium brands in the most strategic markets in Europe, aim at expanding their activities even further. Specifically, by enabling brands across Europe to optimise their route-to-market in out-of-home and enhance efficiency through performance-driven outsourcing.

Note: this transaction was closed in March

Get in touch with the deal team

Eric Koelmans

Eric Koelmans (1994) joined YES Corporate Finance in 2019 as analyst. Eric holds a Bachelor in Business Economics with a specialization in Financing and Organization and a Master of Corporate Finance from the University of Amsterdam. Eric has gained experience at YES Corporate Finance as an intern after obtaining his Bachelor degree in 2018.

M: +31 6 2442 8443

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