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Successful Growth Financing of an Innovative Packaging Company

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“The conditions of the financing are so favourable that all invoiced fees can be regained in a short period of time”

DaklaPack Group was successfully financed by Deutsche Bank in March 2015

DaklaPack Group (“DaklaPack”) envisioned to accelerate growth and to increase the export with this new funding.

DaklaPack ( is an innovative packaging company with an excellent track record based in Lelystad (30 minutes from Amsterdam). The company knows three activities across five product groups:
1) Trade in packaging (including zip packaging)
2) Production and filling of packaging
3) Tailored solutions for packaging for industrial, transport, laminated, promotional and medical packaging.

The head office is located in Lelystad with local branches in Germany, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States and China. The revenue will grow from €13 mln to approximately €25 mln in 2015. Furthermore, an additional 50 jobs will be created leading to a total of 120 FTE.

In recent years, the company has specialized in sophisticated and innovative applications targeted, among others, at the healthcare market. In 2012, DaklaPack has launched a unique product in the Netherlands able to provide easy research for colorectal cancer on a large scale with the use of an innovative test- and packaging system. The long-lasting experience in the Netherlands with this product has been the basis for winning a large new order for colorectal cancer research in France. Shipments to France started in April 2015.

Highlights of the transaction

  • DaklaPack Group, an innovative packaging company, has closed a new credit deal at Deutsche Bank
  • Joris van Rijn and Arjan Boonekamp advised DaklaPack during a competitive financing process

Dave Klaassen, CEO and shareholder of DaklaPack:
“Our growth of the past ten years was too big for the existing credit facilities. Therefore, this new growth financing package of Deutsche Bank is very important for the international growth strategy of DaklaPack. Not only can the new French order be financed, produced and delivered in the best way, our existing autonomous growth is also assured. I see a lot of potential for our company in Europe and in the rest of the world. Deutsche Bank is an excellent partner to support our further growth ambitions. Joris van Rijn and Arjan Boonekamp managed the entire financing process. Despite limited time, these advisors have completed the financing process in an efficient, decisive and attentive way. Without Joris and Arjan this financing would not have been closed. Moreover, the conditions are so attractive that all invoiced costs will be earned back in a short period of time. I’m an entrepreneur, not a debt advisor. Some things you should not do yourself. In future, if I have another financial issue, I will call these gentlemen immediately!”

Role Joris van Rijn and Arjan Boonekamp
Joris van Rijn and Arjan Boonekamp advised DaklaPack during a very competitive financing process. DaklaPack has secured a new credit facility of €8 million for refinancing and growth. Joris van Rijn and Arjan Boonekamp have advised DaklaPack during all aspects of the financing, including the financing memorandum, selection of the bank, structuring of the transaction, assessment of the term sheets, and final negotiations with the banks on the interest rates and other terms & conditions.

DaklaPack has successfully completed this transaction by the end of March 2015.

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