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YES Corporate Finance Goes International

By 20 September 2016October 9th, 2019No Comments

YES Corporate Finance has joined the Alliance of International Corporate Advisors (AICA). AICA is a worldwide alliance between corporate finance advisors in over 40 countries. AICA has more than 60 offices in Europe, Asia and the United States as well as emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil and Eastern-Europe. YES Corporate Finance has been chosen to be an AICA member to represent the Netherlands.

AICA was founded in 2010 to provide corporate finance advisory services and financial expertise to companies and investors in the mid-market segment on an international scale. AICA members are carefully selected based on reputation, network, track record and knowledge of the local market.

YES Corporate Finance can now offer their clients an interesting network of similar corporate finance advisors and direct access to international buyers and sellers of companies as well as to international investors. The network provides unique knowledge of local markets, market players, transactions and valuation. The added value varies from a personal introduction to the collaboration of different corporate finance teams in multiple countries at the same time.

For more information, please visit www.aoica.com